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The education guy

Two Headships · School Improvement advisor · 30 years

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Experienced software engineer and technical architect

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Senior Leader · SENDco · EYFS · Dyslexia Specialist · 30 years

Our team is made up of in-house talent from education and software development. We pride ourselves on being able to work closely with school leaders, constantly listening and developing alongside to provide just the right solutions at the right time. We think that this is what makes our company special. Our educators are still active school improvement advisors, SENDcos, Early Years and senior leaders with over 60 years of experience working in schools. We named our platform after the submarine created by Captain Nemo in Jules Verne's 1869 adventure novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, because we know that teachers love a great adventure story.

The business guy

Business co-founder and managing director

The accounts guy

Chartered accountant and Financial Director

The tech girl

Technical school support and advice

The back story

Solutions from the Headteacher's Chair

Would you like your observations to be more about supportive professional dialogue rather than appraisals, pay and career stage?

Do you have a 'scatter-gun' approach to monitoring or do you have a clear, strategic overview of your teaching and learning?

Is your school improvement plan based on summative pupil outcomes or would you like to focus more on developing teacher skillsets?

Are you seeking to prioritise time and energy so that you can make good, distributed leadership sustainable?

As a busy and long serving Headteacher, I began to question some of the fundamental aspects of how schools are expected to improve. For example, if teaching and learning is always most important thing, then why do we spend so much time doing things that have little, genuine impact on outcomes?

Our school had been on a journey from special measures to two consecutive 'good' judgements. We had a lot of good things in place, but our approaches to observing and evaluating were time consuming, labour intensive and inaccurate - which also made good SEND and subject leadership challenging. Like many schools, we had an unhelpful legacy that seemed to focus more on 'evidence' rather than genuine growth, collaboration and improvement.

The idea of using a bit of simple tech as a tool to capture teaching and learning makes perfect sense. When we add dashboard analysis, photo-capture, instant reports, supportive teacher feedback and the ability to create and share content, then we're able to work more collaboratively, more accurately and much more efficiently. We can also avoid checklist monitoring, without using Ofsted descriptors or Teacher Standards.

I also know how busy you are. We offer free leadership training and a Youtube channel full of 'How-to' videos so that there's no cascading for you to do. We also have a Facebook school leaders community for your team to connect, collaborate, share and download free expert content.

We're now proud to be working with over 70 local authorities, celebrating over 1000 school leaders on the platform and have been finalists for the BETT and ERA leadership and management awards. If you'd like to take a closer look, book in for a friendly demo and I'd be very happy to show you around.

Don't observe, capture.


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Let us save you time and work. Every subscribing school receives a free training session, access to training webinars and resources. We also offer technical support and advice too.

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Our new Nautilus Facebook Community is a great place for any school leaders to connect, discuss, learn and share. If you're a Nautilus school leader, you can share, import and export your content with other leaders as well as downloading free Nautilus learning walks, book studies, observations and surveys.
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