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A substantial level of reliability when observers combine evidence


Achieve a greater level of reliability with multiple observers. Nautilus is designed to be highly collaborative, simple and insightful. Create flexible, real-time, lesson observations with your colleagues, external partners, governors or school leaders.  

your Entire school provision evaluated at a glance

Headteacher's Dashboard

View all of your recorded feedback from your most recent observations or from all of your judgments over time. Your dashboard will present your specific areas for improvement as well as critical opportunities for supportive, individual teacher or department feedback.

a clear, structured system to focus lesson visits

Structured Evaluations

Ensure that your team maintain a specific focus while observing. Create subject, department or general quality of education observations. Assess the right things, in the right way, to provide accurate and useful assessment results. Ensure that your team look at lessons more effectively.

your books reflect how well your curriculum is implemented

Evaluate Your Books

Pupil book scrutinies can easily be time consuming and can lack focus and detail. Our book observation frameworks provide a clear system of evaluation providing feedback that allows for teacher improvements. Study your pupil books individually, as a team or as whole staff. Create multiple observations within a single staff meeting and over time.

validate your self-evaluation

Parent and Pupil Surveys

Our surveys contain 10 simple questions to allow you to consult with your children and families. Generate a simple link to send them and then see your outcomes appear on your dashboard. Edit or change your questions to suit you in our 'Builder'.

your books reflect how well your curriculum is implemented

Safer Classrooms

A free SEMH learning walk that will allow you and your team to focus on how we can make classrooms comfortable and safe for our children. Share the descriptors with your staff and allow them chance to heighten their awareness and strengthen their environment before taking your walk.

simple and powerful pdf reports  

Bespoke Reporting

The validity of your observation process depends on how well your evidence is collated and articulated. Our simple and downloadable PDF reports collect, triangulate and present all of your feedback for a range of purposes - making teacher feedback, school improvement planning and accountability meetings more effective.

assess the right things, consistently

Reliabity and Validity

Remove one-time lesson observations recording lessons that may not be indicative of your teachers true capabilities, and replace them with a system that provides a more stable picture of a teacher's practice or a subject area. Observe more accurately, any aspect, lesson or teacher at any time by simply re-visiting or pausing your visits.

Create your own with our builder

Write Your Own

You can either edit our framework descriptors, or you can create your own in minutes with our Builder. This feature will enable you to write your own bespoke learning walks, observations, book studies or surveys. Perfect for focusing on those critical areas of your choice.

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