High school learning walks, book studies, observations and surveys for your iPad or tablet
High school leadership platform

Nautilus High

Perform subject specific learning walks, book studies and drop-ins using your iPad or tablet. Use the photo-capture to tag, annotate and share best practice.

Create simple parent and pupil surveys to evaluate your curriculum, pastoral care and school culture.

View your whole school, subject or aspect evaluations instantly on your leadership dashboards, alongside your stakeholder views. download simple and insightful reports, and provide supportive, same-day peer feedback.

And because we know that you will already have some good systems in place, you can add your own portfolio of quality assurance activities to your platform.

We now do quick walks and book studies to build a much more accurate and insightful picture of standards.

We've also stopped doing more formal observations because our staff much prefer shorter visits with same-day feedback.

J. Healey - Director of Learning, H.O.P.E MAT
How nautilus works
Step 1: Get ready


Select and assign your learning walks, book studies, observations and surveys. Use one of our 14 expert school improvement frameworks or create your own in minutes. Switch off or edit the judgements for your preferred approach.

Step 2: explore your school


Grab your tablet or iPad and capture your provision with your team, or with your external partners. Enter your views, building a real-time evaluation from multiple observations. Add photos to capture and share best practice in your Gallery.

Step 3: view your analysis


Your senior, subject or aspect leadership dashboard will now display your teaching and learning overview, with everything in one place. Your current strengths and areas for improvement will be clearly presented with powerful filters for added insight.



We know how accountable you are. Your instant PDF reports are designed to present your evaluations, perfect for your big meetings and strategic planning. Your workflow will support great, timely professional dialogue and feedback.

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