With a busy workload and high accountability, how can you and your team move from paper-based, time consuming, low-impact monitoring and observing?

Introducing Nautilus


Infant · Junior · Primary · Middle · High · SEND · AP · International

Quickly capture and evaluate your daily teaching and learning, by performing learning walks, book studies and surveys with an iPad or tablet. With our powerful photo-capture feature, you can tag, annotate and showcase best practice in your curriculum Gallery at the same time.

See your teaching and learning all in one place, with instant dashboard analysis, powerful subject and aspect filters, simple reports and peer feedback channels.

Use our built-in editing suite to create and share your own learning walks, book studies and surveys. Personalise your platform settings with your own evaluation statements, colour schemes and school branding, to create the right conditions for your team.

With years of successful school leadership experience, and with our own talented software development team, we're now helping schools to efficiently capture and evaluate all of the great work that they do.

Giving school leaders clarity and confidence.

Step 1: Get ready


Select and assign your learning walks, book studies and surveys.

Use one of our expert school improvement frameworks or create your own in minutes. Switch off or edit the judgements for your preferred approach.

Step 2: explore your school


Grab your tablet or iPad and capture your provision with your team, or with your external partners.

Enter your views together, building a real-time overview from multiple observations. Add photos to capture, tag and share best practice in your Gallery.

Step 3: view your analysis


Your online dashboard will now display your teaching and learning overview, with everything in one place.

Your current strengths and areas for improvement will be clearly presented with powerful filters for added insight.



We know how accountable you are. Your instant PDF reports are designed to present your evaluations, perfect for your big meetings and strategic planning.

Your workflow will support great, timely professional dialogue and feedback.

Save time. Know more.

same great design

The same great Nautilus build and design, scaled up for High schools.

Features all of the GCSE and A level programmes of study. Create your own faculties, departments, filters and tags.

Let us show you around...

Our expert school leaders will be happy to show you around. Our demos are packed, full of great leadership solutions that can help you and your team to capture all of the great work that you do.

Leadership Community

Connect · Share · Collaborate · Learn

We want to make sure that you can get the most from your Nautilus subscription. With our leadership webinars, newsletters and community, your team can access free CPD, quick ideas and solutions and a space to collaborate and share what you do.


Helping busy helping busy headteachers to acquire an accurate overview of teaching and learning. LEARN MORE · BOOK
Sit back and let us show you around the platform. A useful introduction or refresher. LEARN MORE · BOOK
How to use the Nautilus subject leadership toolkit to efficiently quality assure. LEARN MORE · BOOK
Helping busy SENDcos to evaluate SEND provision, prioritising time and energy. LEARN MORE · BOOK
The secrets behind an efficient, effective and genuinely collaborative learning walk. LEARN MORE · BOOK
Quality assure your high school curriculum with your iPad or tablet. LEARN MORE · BOOK

Hosted by former headteachers, our free webinars can help you to develop leadership in your school. We'll show your team how Nautilus can help them with their roles and responsibilities, how to work more efficiently and how capture best practice.


Our Facebook community is a great place to connect with other leaders. This is a where you can share ideas, solutions and the content you make. You can also download free expert content here too.


Our newsletter is packed with useful articles and ideas. Every term, we share the latest platform developments, ideas and solutions and featured contributions from Nautilus school leaders.

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We know that school leaders love a good adventure story!

The Nautilus was the fictional submarine belonging to Captain Nemo, featured in Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870) and The Mysterious Island (1874).

‘All that is impossible, remains to be accomplished.’

Jules Verne