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Introducing Nautilus

As a school leader, we know that you and your team are expected to have an accurate overview of your daily teaching and learning. We know that this knowledge provides the secure foundation for your successful school improvement strategies. Nautilus will enable you and your team to efficiently capture your provision using your Ipad or tablet. Your views will then be presented all in one place on your online dashboard, feedback reports and your curriculum photo Gallery.

The evidence we are collating is giving us the confidence to celebrate the wonderful work that is happening in school. It's also giving us critical insights into the next steps we need to take as a team.

N. Jones - headteacher.
Clifton Green Primary School

how does nautilus work?
Step 1: Set up your headteachers dashboard


Add your leaders, governors and external partners to your platform. You can also add as many leaders as you like from across all of your partner schools, with our multi-user license.

Step 2: Choose your focus


Select and assign your learning walks, observations, book studies and surveys to your team. Observe on a selected date or over a time period.

Step 3: explore your school


Grab your tablet or ipad and head out into school with your colleagues. Enter your views as you observe, building a real-time evaluation from multiple observations. Add photos to capture your curriculum.

Step 4: Analyse your evaluations


Your online dashboard will now display your teaching and learning overview, with everything in one place. Your current strengths and areas for improvement will be clearly presented with powerful filters for added insight.



We know how accountable you are. Your electronic PDF reports are designed to present your evaluations, perfect for your big meetings and decisions. Your individual teacher feedback reports will support great professional dialogue.

What school leaders are saying about Nautilus.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the speed and ease at which we’ve been able to sign up to Nautilus.  We’ll roll everything out to our schools over the coming weeks. I wanted to feedback to say how pleased we’ve been from the initial contact through to getting set up.'

A Wilson, Director of Education.
Grove Learning Trust

'In a short space of time, with the help of Nautilus, we feel that we have a clear picture of the quality of our teaching and learning. We also love that SEND and EYFS have their own frameworks, showing the company understands the significance of these areas.'

L Walsh, headteacher.
Grove Street Primary School.

‘After a short period of time we can already see the benefits that the system has delivered. Instant and clear areas of development, making improvements happen much more quickly.’

R Shaw, headteacher. Lowerhouses Junior and Infant school

Nautilus is a web-based, school improvement platform.

Use your Ipad or tablet to quickly capture your views

Capture 'business as usual' with your team

Create your own evaluation statements or use the Ofsted judgements

Capture, tag and share good practice while you observe

Search, view and present your curriculum in the Gallery. Share best practice with your staff.

Perform regular parent or pupil surveys that will save you time

Create and assign your activities

Your views will be presented on your dashboard

Quickly identify your whole school strengths and areas for development

View the headlines for each activity

Create great PDF reports for school-improvement purposes. Use OFSTED terms or write your own.

Use your reports for your big meetings

Our teacher feedback reports prioritise collaboration and growth

Edit our frameworks or write your own with our Builder

Nautilus schools receive a free termly newsletter

Platform developments, recommendations and features on schools

We help schools to get moving quickly and confidently

Exclusive leadership workshops for Nautilus schools

Giving school leaders a clear, credible and current view

No risk. Why not add Nautilus to what you already do?

About us

Solutions from the Headteacher's Chair

As a busy and long serving Headteacher, I found that I began to question some of the fundamental aspects of how schools are expected to improve. For example, if teaching and learning is always most important thing, then why are the methods that we use often so time consuming and uninspiring, with systematic cycles that could have little to do with any day to day activity. Our school had been on a journey from special measures to two consecutive 'good' judgements, and because we were always looking to improve, I knew that we could only do this if our methods themselves could evolve. To consider this, I began to use my Ipad to wander around the school, gathering my thoughts more regularly. Then I did the same but with another group of Headteachers, all using the same focused criteria, with short statements simply designed to guide the observer. We all took a one hour learning walk and spent ten minutes or so in each class. The outcome was a report that could tell me exactly what my colleagues thought, alongside my views. Our teachers much preferred this because they said that it was just business as usual, despite us capturing so much more. I then used this report for inspections, for the governors, for individual feedback, and for our leadership planning. My learning partners and the inspectors found our methods forward thinking and my reports credible. We began to apply quick and significant changes, more regularly, rather than just working through appraisal based, stand-alone observations. Our teachers and other leaders all began to contribute and participate in learning walks, often scheduled to occur over a week or half-term. All of this would mean less time sitting behind desks desk managing clunky systems and trying to find areas for improvement from summative data.

Headteachers, leaders, subject leaders, SENDcos and your external partners can now efficiently collaborate together, accurately capturing teaching and learning with Nautilus. Every discovery is clearly presented with our leadership dashboard, photo gallery and feedback reports, ready for same-day actions and improvements.

We're now proud to be working with over 60 local authorities, celebrating over 1000 school leaders on the platform. If you'd like to take a closer look, book in for a friendly demo and I'd be very happy to show you around.


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